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Doctor Who Board Game

Doctor Who Board Game

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I never watched much Doctor Who but always loved the Don’t Blink episode and the idea of the Weeping Angels. The fact that the only way to really make it through an encounter with them was to keep your eyes open made them honestly one of the scarier monster concepts ever. So a game where you could try and outwit them was a game I could not pass up! Don’t Blink is for anyone wanting a new and challenging experience that feels balanced throughout. The gameplay is full of puzzles, almost minigames, on how to navigate the limitations and powers of both roles. However, if you’re not prepared to go to mental or tactical war with your friends, sadly I would not recommend this game to play, even with strangers. I don’t suspect that gameplay will become stale as player count and even difficulty modes can provide a new experience and replayability. TV’s favourite Time Lord takes on the Lonely Assassins in this new game from Gale Force Nine, and Don’t Blink makes some bold choices from the outset. While GF9’s other Doctor Who board game, Time of the Daleks, draws on the show’s near-60 years of history and makes use of its most enduring alien foes, this entry is laser-focused. The Tardis console sheet, which is where the player puts equipment, tokens and companions, is a disappointment to put it mildly. It is thin and easy to tear, and, considering that it is integral to the player experience, should have been of a similar quality to the Time Board at least. I laminated mine before first play to make sure that they weren’t ruined- they are that flimsy!

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The Doctor has to use what is left of the TARDIS' telepathic circuits to break the Laws of Time and enlist the assistance of her former incarnations and numerous travelling companions. Your old nemesis, the Doctor, endlessly seeks to thwart your plans. Worse still, his other adversaries have their own schemes, and they don’t involve you controlling everything. You must send your minions out to thwart both the Doctor’s and your opponents’ schemes, while bringing your own to fruition! Not sure what game to buy next? Buy a premium mystery box for two to four great games to add to your collection! Buy Premium Box » The Dalek turn takes place after all doctors have been and they move forward one space. If the Dalek ship reaches Gallifrey or all the Dalek miniatures are placed, you lose. Final Thoughts


Don’t Blink is, at heart, a dungeon crawler. A band of brave adventurers journeying into unexplored ruins in search of treasure – it could almost be a much simpler Descent or, given the space theme Aliens: Another Glorious Day in the Corps. What makes this game stand out from the rest, though, is the combat – because there isn’t any. Hand management is another consideration. It’s tempting to hoard your precious Don’t Blink cards for later turns, but as I discovered on the first turn of my first game, that can mean losing one of your heroes early on, along with her special ability, leaving the remaining heroes even more exposed. Travelling through the Time Vortex, the TARDIS is hit by a Time Spiral, outlawed technology which has been reactivated by the Daleks. This review for Time of the Daleks comes with a hefty warning: I am and will always be a Doctor Who fan. I mean, I made them open the Longleat Doctor Who exhibition out of season when I was nine. As a board-gamer, you can understand my excitement when I learnt that Gale Force 9 were going to make a game based on the TV show.

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Don’t Blink is a one-versus-many game for 2 to 5 players that takes about 45 minutes to play. The best experience is with three players for challenging gameplay without the co-op infighting. Gameplay Overview: The company’s pedigree is good, with Spartacus, Sons of Anarchy and the mighty Firefly held up of examples of good TV show board games, so what could go wrong… Inside the Box Yes, in possibly the most British game mechanic of all time, you can only keep the Angels at bay with a hard stare. Brilliantly, this weakness extends to Angels looking at each other; presumably, they live their whole lives desperately avoiding each other’s gaze, like passengers on the tube. FindThisBest (UK) aims to create a platform to help you make better shopping decisions with less time and energy. Earning our users' trust is central to what we do.

There’s no galaxy-spanning apocalyptic plot. The Doctor’s time-travelling police box, the Tardis, has crashed on a derelict spaceship. The crew needs to scavenge four components to get it going again and escape. Unfortunately, the ship is home to Weeping Angels – statue-like creatures that can only move when you’re not looking at them, and who can send you out of time with a single touch. The only plastic you’ll find here is in the bases for the standees – no dice, no meticulously detailed miniatures. It’s a low-fi approach that feels absolutely right for this game, and GF9 have leaned into it wholly. The tiles, tokens, and standees are all suitably chunky and substantial, and we get proper photos of the actors in their roles, not vaguely recognisable artwork that sidesteps image rights. When you move to a location and have an adventure, it feels like an episode of the show and when you get Amy and Rory matched with Matt Smith’s Doctor, there is a little thrill. It’s hard to explain, but it feels like the show and if you are a fan, you’ll love it. I even swapped the Daleks for Cybermen from the Warlord exterminate miniatures game to vary it a bit. I can see the expansions adding to the enjoyment with new companions and locations, prolonging the life of the game.

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