Dali E-9 F Subwoofer Black

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Dali E-9 F Subwoofer Black

Dali E-9 F Subwoofer Black

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For film and TV you have the 3600 and the Elicit fired up, all you do on the Elicit is to engage HT by-pass by a simple press of a button on the fascia or the remote. The TV is wall mounted so I am thinking to go with floor-standing speakers (bookshelves would need a stand anyways). I dont have the space for a surround system so I am thinking of either a 2.1 system or 3.1 max. Budget is 2K.

The cabinet is designed to fit perfectly to the size of the woofer, but without forgoing the inner volume that is needed to produce a powerful bass performance.


I am starting from scratch, so would need a receiver as well and possibly a sub. Rght now these are on my list:

KEFs lend themselves very well as a replacement for a soundbar, as the wide and evenly dispersal of the sound from the point-source UniQ driver allows a larger sweet spot. Many conventional speakers will have quite a narrow sweet spot, so when you sit in the middle, you can move your head a few inches from side to side and the whole balance falls apart. KEF speakers hold it together over a wider area, ideal for more than one listener/viewer. The 1.1-inch soft dome tweeter is bigger than the standard 1-inch tweeter found on most speakers and is designed to provide a larger sweet spot for listening and blend better with the mid-range driver. In fact, these are the first speakers I have auditioned that sound better when not toed in or out. The recommended placement should be with the speakers pointing straight out into the listening room. I’ll speak more about this in my listening section of this review. I placed the Oberon 3s on speaker stands with the tweeters at ear height from my couch and roughly two feet from the front wall.Neither the Brio or Cyrus ONE HD have in-built streaming functionality. I have both here, and they are both very capable amplifiers. The Cyrus is not bright - it's very nicely balanced and it also usefully adapts to the impedance of the speakers being used. The aptX Bluetooth is very well implemented on the Cyrus and sounds superb, so that could be an alternative to in-built streaming. There is, of course, also the option of the Cyrus ONE Chromecast. The Brio has no digital functionality whatsoever. Forstærkeren i SUB E-9F er en Klasse D-konstruktion med en maksimal effekt på 220 watt, hvilket er rigeligt til de fleste formål. Som en ekstra bonus får du en nyudviklet ”limiter”-funktion, som umærkeligt overvåger signalet og sørger for en blød afrulning af meget kraftige spidsbelastninger, som ellers kunne give forvrængning eller ligefrem skade subwooferen. Fitted with controls for gain, cut-off frequency, and phase, the DALI SUB E-9 F will adapt to any front speaker and room acoustics. To fully exploit the combination you do have to have all your music sources connected to the Elicit, in my case that's pretty simple a SACD player. When I want to play music from the SACD player I only have the Elicit fired up and it acts as it should a pure analogue amp driving the R300s. Switchmode power supply is part of the reason for very low power consumption – only 0.4 Watt in stand-by mode. And the amplifier displays an impressive efficiency of 70%. In unison the high-efficiency amplifier section and power supply construction generate an absolute minimum of heat loss. For that reason you will find no external heat sink on this subwoofer.

HT by-pass is now finding it's way into lower tier amps making such connections a lot easier. It was once the domain if higher tier stereo amps. If you want to try something less expensive, but extremely talented, I very much enjoyed the Quad S2. The ribbon tweeter brings almost holographic imaging, and it's a well balanced design all-round - much more so than the older 11L and 12L models (which were very competent).The Oberon 3s have a sound that I would describe as articulate, especially with human voices, with a mid-range that is a bit more tilted forward in sound compared to my Revel F26 towers. When toed in, the treble seemed a bit aggressive and taking the grilles off heightened the effect. I would recommend leaving the grilles on and doing as suggested by the manufacturer, set them up pointing straight out into the room. Though they sound bigger than their size suggests, they really don’t dig deep in the bass department. Having a sub helped fill in the bottom octave made them sound bolder and more authoritative.

Adhering to the low-loss sound design principle, the surround of the woofer is built to allow long and linear excursion. The oversized suspension is designed to allow both weak and strong transients to turn into undistorted acoustic signals.


I have read that the Dali's tend to be bright so a warm recevier Marantz (6013/6014?)would be a a better fit, but dont know how the Maratnz would be compared to the 3600 (there is a good deal at the momnet on the 3600s). Would you recommend swapping out the recevier? The heart of this subwoofer is the 170W RMS Class D amplifier with a highly linear response. Embracing a classic DALI trademark, it simply acts as a total low frequency extension of your AV system. The result is a powerful, well balanced bass reproduction and flawless integration with your speakers. In addition, the integrated limiter helps protecting your subwoofer against overloading. I've not tested much on it other than watching Iron Man at low volume and it sounded really good. Will try more movies out when I can. One thing I had to do is to increase the volume of the centre speaker as I was struggling to hear the dialogue. It will pay dividends to really experiment with the crossover settings to get the best blend so to speak but I found that in most cases 150hz usually provides the best results - 140Hz at the very lowest - any lower & the sub can be localised. Play around with the crossover till you get the best sound. For connections, run a stereo pair of RCA cables from the left/right pre-outs of the Leak Stereo 130 into the left/right line level inputs of the Dali E9F. If you're using two Dali E9F's, then one cable to each unit of course. I would start with one Dali E9F. I think you'll find it is enough.

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