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Work Accident Claims

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There is a huge variety of work employment and so the types of injury are numerous.

Fortunately, the law is very much on the side of the employee, and the mere fact there has been an accident at work is often itself evidence of some form of negligence on the part of employer.

It is often stressful considering making a claim against your employer for a work accident, and the thought of maybe having to blame other work colleagues or criticise your boss might be too daunting for you. However, employers carry insurance against the risk of injury caused in the workplace, and the insurance companies insist the companies undertake regular reviews of their procedures and maintenance of equipment so as to minimise the possibility of injury. You will know if your employer does this or not.

Dangerous Work Procedures

Work procedures might be inherently dangerous, equipment should be safe and properly maintained, you or your colleagues might have had little or no effective training and it was the lack of training which resulted in the injuries, the place you have been sent to work might not be appropriate or safe for the type of work you are required to do; there are lots of types of responsibility placed on your employer.

Our Solicitors Service

  • We will arrange to obtain the necessary photographic evidence to prove the state of your work accident injuries, and photographs of the place or cause of your injuries, if available, and if we can, liaise with your employer, unless they may try to “shut up shop”
  • Liase with your Health & Safety Officer or Union representative
  • Introduce the local Health & Safety Executive if the injury caused has been serious or the risk to employees has been significant
  • Assist you with obtaining necessary statements from work colleagues
  • If you have sustained serious injuries, we can liase with your employers and ensure you have appropriate income still coming in for your household expenses
  • We will also look to seek appropriate treatment to assist your return to work
  • Advise you how best to proceed tactically
  • Ensure you have a medical consultation at a time and place to suit you, working around your employment commitments

Address Your Concerns

We will also look to address your concerns, as best we can, and to ensure your employment rights remain protected whilst claiming against your employer or fellow employees.