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Practical Help Making a Personal Injury Claim

We can assist you with all types of accident, even those not listed below:

If you have any accident or criminal injury claims anywhere in Preston, Marple, Stockport, or anywhere else in the North West, make a claim with Addison Legal today!

 •           Road Traffic Accidents, as a Driver or Passenger, whiplash and worse

•           Trips on the Pavement, in Shops or at Work, Anywhere

•           Accidents at Work, such as electrical burn, falls off ladders, crushing, etc

•           Assaults or Criminal Attacks – muggings, aggravated burglaries, thefts

•           Slips in Shops, at Work, restaurants or Anywhere

•           Crashes involving Hit & Run Drivers, or drivers who are not insured

•           Accidents at School, caused at the school premises, other pupils, even teachers

•           Accidents on a Bus, as you are getting on or off, or as you are about to sit down

•           Pedestrians hit by a Car, motorbike or lorry even a bus

•           Accident Abroad such as Scotland, Eire, Europe or beyond…

•           Industrial Diseases and Illnesses

•           Accidents on Holiday, UK or abroad

•           Clinical Negligence claims at Hospital, Surgeries and Clinics

•           Chemical and Heat Burns, Scarring and Cuts, Plastic Surgery included

•           Skin Infections and Dermatitis claims

•           Repetitive Strain Injuries, from electrical machinery, excessive typing, etc

•           Sexual Abuse, sexual assaults and sexual oppression

•           Psychological or Psychiatric Injury, emotional control and slavery

We can even help you if you think your injury claim has been mis-handled by a previous firm of solicitors, when we will advise you over a possible claim for professional negligence against your former firm.

Our solicitors will act for you on a No Win, No Fee basis, NO PROBLEM