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Victim Of A Hit & Run Driver Or The Other Driver Was Uninsured

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This is a car accident where the other driver is uninsured, or you are the victim of a “hit and run” accident, where the other driver has left the scene without providing his details and without you getting his registration number

Hit & Run Claim

Fortunately, there is a government-sponsored body called the Motor Insurers Bureau (“MIB”) who will handle your claim, provided you have reported the accident to the police and you can prove the other driver was responsible. Keep witness details. The MIB deal with both uninsured claims and cases of “hit & run”, known as Untraced. Each claim must be commenced with the MIB within 3 years of the accident date.


Legal Fees

As the MIB is like a charity, it does not pay all your legal costs, and we will act for you on a Contingency Basis, namely keep 25% of your compensation for our costs, plus whatever we can recover from the MIB, whether your award is £1,000 or £100,000.

If you withdraw your claim for whatever reason (including no longer wanting to be bothered to claim or if you instruct other solicitors), you agree to pay us a fixed fee of £150 plus VAT to cover our office expenses.

Hit & Run Claim Service

Your solicitor will contact you shortly to complete the MIB application form, and you will need to provide as much detail as you can. Do not forget to sign the form on the last page. If you have any difficulty with any section, complete it in pencil (except your signature) and your solicitor will help you to finish off the form. The form is then submitted to the MIB who will contact the police for a copy of their report and MIB may contact you to take a statement from you, plus arrange for you to be medically examined through a medical agency. There is also compulsory excess of £300 for every claim, which is set only against any incidental expenses you have incurred after the accident – it will not reduce your compensation for your personal injury.

What You Can Claim For

Under the terms of the Untraced Drivers agreement, you can only claim for personal injury and any losses that occurred as a result of your injury, like loss of earnings, not damage to your car, or items in it, nor car hire or increased travelling expenses because of the loss of your car. Unfortunately, the MIB are always under-staffed, so they are not quick. Once your case has been processed, likely to take about a year, they will make you an award they deem fit. If you do not consider it enough, you can appeal to an Adjudication Panel to review it, but the Panel can reduce the award. Your solicitor will advise you on the value of your claim after your medical exam.


Remember – all our solicitors will act on a Contingency Fee basis of just 25%