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Victim Of example of a critique paper on an article A Crime

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Criminal injuries, after an assault, mugging, knife attack, shooting or where the assailant(s) samples of persuasive speech has used a weapon or any object (such as a car) as a weapon.
Often, it is a mugging or assault, regularly alcohol induced.

Criminal Injury Claim

There is a government sponsored body called the Criminal Injuries Compensation Authority (CICA) which may make an award for you dependent on the medical evidence concerning your injuries. As it is funded by the government, it will be under pressure from Whitehall to keep costs down and awards low and, if that happens, we will try to ensure we negotiate as high an amount for you as possible. Awards are made in accordance with a pre-set tariff, a copy of which you can obtain from the CICA’s website.


Fee Structure

As the CICA is almost like a charity, your legal costs will not be paid and so your solicitor will propose to charge 35%, 40% or even 50% of your award as their fees. We only seek 25%. If your case is not successful, you do not pay a penny. A “no win, no fee” agreement is not available as your legal costs are not paid by the CICA. As the minimum award is £1,000, this means that, if the CICA agree to make you an award, with us you will recover at least £750 for each £1,000 awarded.

Criminal Injury Claim Process

Claims must be made within 2 years of the accident date via an on-line application. As mentioned above, if your claim is not worth at least £1,000, then the CICA will not make you an award, so if the CICA do award you some compensation, you are guaranteed at least £750, but often more than that, depending upon the injuries you have suffered. Initially, you will need to liase with the police over the criminal incident, otherwise the claim may be refused by the CICA.

It is also a slow process, likely to take at least a year, so you’ll have to be patient!

Our Criminal Injury Claim Process

  • We will arrange to obtain the necessary photographic evidence to prove the state of your injuries, and the weapon, if available, and help you to liaise with the police
  • Assist you to complete the form for the necessary application to the CICA
  • If you have sustained serious injuries, we can liase with your employers and ensure you have appropriate treatment so as to aid your recovery


Remember – all our solicitors will act on a 25% Contingency Fee basis