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Our Car Accident Service

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We assist you to recover compensation for your injuries and losses cause and effect speech outline from the party to blame (usually through their insurers), and our reach stretches all over the country.

  • Personal Injury
  • Repairs to your Car
  • Replacement or Free Hire Car whilst your Car is Off the Road
  • Loss of Earnings
  • Travel and Incidental Expenses
  • Vehicle Excess
  • Private Medical Expenses
  • If your Car is Written Off, the Pre-Accident Value of your Car
  • Fatal Accidents
  • Pension loss


The Law

Generally, when a person is injured, a claim must be commenced at court within 3 years. The period is a little different for children. A claim need not be finished by 3 years – so long as proceedings are commenced by then, that will be fine. Most car accident claims are started and finished long before 3 years. It is estimated that that only 5% of cases actually go to court, and there are about 3 million people injured every year.

Even if you think the car accident was just that, as accidents do happen, it does not mean that someone else is not to blame. Moreover, insurance companies often cover the claims so you do not have to worry about the person or company you are pursuing having to suffer the indignity of paying for their mistakes. That’s what insurance is for!

The Process

Once we have all your personal and accident details, we will help you to have your car repaired and obtain a hire car for you, if necessary. Your case is then presented to the responsible party, usually by direct contact with their insurance company. Our solicitors seek to establish liability in your favour, and obtain details of your incidental costs and expenses. If liability is admitted, arrangements will be made for you to be examined by a local medical practitioner who will provide a medical report which acts as evidence to support your injuries. In fact, it usually determines the level of your compensation. Once your compensation has been negotiated, a cheque is sent to you (less 25% – see “No win, no fee” section above) and the case is then concluded. Your file is stored for 7 years.

Legal Fees

Your successful claim ends with the payment of your legal fees by the other side or their insurance company, leaving you nothing to pay.

If you have another accident, you can always come back to us, anytime.